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5 Wedding Favour Ideas To Thrill Your Guests

Posted in by on July 31, 2014

Wedding favours are steeped in tradition and are believed to have started amongst the French aristocracy in the middle ages. The couple would give sweet treats, typically sugared almonds, to their guests – a symbol of luxury and decadence.

Blank brown envelope with paper isolate over white backgroundWe have since come a long way from the sugared almonds tradition, and our imaginations have run wild, creating all sorts of cute treats and trinkets for guests to take home at the end of the evening.

Below we have listed some of our favourites – some unusual and some more traditional – which we think your guests will love.

  1. A personalised packet of seeds for your guests to take home and plant is a great way to give a gift that keeps on giving. Another nice touch would be to give seeds which will bloom into flowers which were used on the wedding day or were perhaps in the bouquets.
  2. Sparklers or bubbles are becoming increasingly popular primarily for 3 reasons. Firstly they are quite inexpensive, so perfect if you’re on a budget. Secondly, you’ll get some great photos from the evening of your guests playing with them. And finally – they bring out the inner child in everyone!
  3. Homemade mix CD’s are a great way for your guests to either take home a playlist of songs that you love as a couple, or a playlist of songs from the wedding reception. Either way, they will be sure to think of you and your big day when they listen to it!
  4. A charity donation is a great way to use the money you would spend on favours and give it to a great cause. You can give a donation in the name of your guest, or perhaps if you would like to do something a little different, buy a large amount of books from a charity shop, wrap them up and offer your guests a good (and perhaps unexpected!) read.
  5. If you think there could be a high consumption of champers at your wedding reception a neat little idea is a hangover kit! Case together a bottle of water, an eye mask and perhaps some invigorating shower gel for the morning after. We’re sure that your guests will be thanking you the next day!

Here at the Montagu Arms, we can host weddings of any size, including exclusive use of our hotel. To find out more, explore the wedding section of our website here.

To arrange an appointment to view our luxury wedding venue, or to enquire about availability please contact Clara Earp your personal Wedding Co-ordinator on 01590 612324 or alternatively contact us online today.

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