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The Language of Flowers

Posted in by on February 3, 2017

If I had a flower for every time I thought of you, I could walk in my garden forever

– Alfred Lord Tennyson

Floriography has long been a romantic tradition for centuries. Its meaning is to send flowers to reveal one’s love or affection, and each flower means something different. Now with the popularity of greetings cards and the ever growing channels of communication through the internet, this once popular tradition has become hard to come by for many – a real shame if you ask us!

Here are our top 4 Valentine’s flowers and their meanings.


– close up of an orchidThis diverse and beautiful family of flowers bloom in many different colours and fragrances. Orchids were thought by ancient Greeks to symbolise fertility, strength and beauty and we honestly couldn’t think of a more elegant flower to make the perfect windowsill display.








red-tulips_MkowRLK_Each colour represents a different meaning. Yellow is thought to represent glee and purple is thought to represent royalty and according to the Turkish tradition, a scarlet Tulip is thought to represent one’s undying love.









Malas-workThere are more than 150 different varieties of roses with the most popular colours being dark pink, symbolising thankfulness, pale pink, symbolising grace and joy and the favourite for this time of year, red because they of course, represent love, courage and passion.







Queen Anne’s Lace

Close up of wild carrot flower. Wild carrot is popular wild weed growing on uncultivated fields and meadows.A charming addition to your bouquet, this fascinating flower consists of a cluster of tiny white flowers and in the middle sits a perfect dark purple one by itself. Named after Queen Anne (wife of King James 1),  legend has it that whilst making lace Queen Anne pricked her finger on a sewing needle and the purple flower represents a droplet of her blood.


Offer your significant other the language of true love this Valentine’s Day and pre-order flowers with the friendly reception team on 01590 612324 and have them ready in your bedroom upon arrival for your Valentine’s Break.

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